Progress is based on the exchange of knowledge

(Albert Einstein)

Epilepsy is known since centuries. Nevertheless, it belongs to the "unknown conditions" and people with epilepsy often like to know more about their seizures, about diagnostics and therapy, side effects of medication and how to deal with the psychosocial consequences of the condition.


MOSES is an educational program developed by professionals in the field of epilepsy to support people with epilepsy

  • to become 'experts' of their condition through a better knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • to understand possible psychosocial consequences of epilepsy and to cope actively with them.
  • to live with as little epilepsy related restrictions as possible.

Target group

  • Persons with epilepsy irrespective of type and severity up from 16 years. Also their partner or their relatives may attend.
  • Participants should be able to follow units of about 90 minutes and be able to make personal notes.

Effects of the MOSES Programm

  • Since the publication of MOSES 1998 it has been widely been used in German epilepsy centers and other institutions specialized on the care of people with epilepsy. The overwhelming majority of the participants responded highly positive and it seems that co-operation between physician and patient strongly improved by MOSES.
  • In 1996 an evaluation study with 242 patients from Germany. Switzerland and Austria was done. Patients who had participated in a MOSES training had greater knowledge about epilepsy, had more active coping strategies in comparison to control persons without training. At the same time seizure control had improved and less side effects of medication were reported (May TW, Pfäfflin M (2OO2). The efficacy of an educational treatment program for patients with epilepsy (MOSES): results of a controlled, randomised study, Epilepsia 43(5), p. 39-49).
  • There are also experiences with MOSES from other non-German speaking countries e.g. Czechoslovakia or Lithuania. It seems that MOSES has similar effects in these countries.

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For further information please contact Rupprecht Thorbecke, at the Epilepsy Centre Bethel, via e-mail.